Two for Tuesday: Rice Pudding

Since I had a delicious rice pudding at Doco, I’ve been on a rice pudding kick.  I never realized the variations of rice pudding out there.  It seems like Latin, Greek, Turkish, Indian and American restaurants have variations of it.  In my search for delicious rice pudding, I found some really good ones.  So I’m breaking the rules a bit for this “Two” for Tuesday and bringing you three selections of good rice pudding.

Of note is the rice pudding at Turkish restaurant Smyrna on Restaurant Row in Midtown.  Smyrna’s rice pudding came in its own little baking pan.  The top of the pudding was covered with a brown baked crust.  This pudding didn’t have much rice in it.  It was more of a creamy milk pudding with rice, and it was out of this world good.

Smyrna rice pudding

Prior to trying this one, I had Uncle Nick’s famous rice pudding, which I have had prior to my quest and enjoyed.  Uncle Nick’s is more of what we think of as traditional rice pudding, creamy with a medium amount of rice and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon.

Uncle Nick's rice pudding

My rice pudding quest led me to try the torre de arroz con leche (tower of rice pudding) at Chimichurri Grill, a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen specializing in new Argentinian food.  I would expect jazzed-up rice pudding.  This pretty version was layered with homemade vanilla wafers and topped with caramelized milk cream and powdered sugar.  The rice here had a more al dente bite to it (which I prefer in rice pudding), and it was less creamy.  Rice pudding is rich, so the addition of the wafers just makes it a little filling, but you can always save the wafers for later or share them with your friends.

Chimichurri Grill rice pudding


2 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Rice Pudding

  1. I’m a fan of rice pudding… al dente, especially! 🙂

  2. Hi Dina! Thank you for commenting on my blog last week! You’ve won the giveaway (chestnut pan, knife, and chocolate) 🙂 Could you please send me an email at so I can send your goodies to you? Thanks!

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