Doco Market and Cafe

I found Doco Market and Cafe in Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ, while visiting a relative who was at a nearby health care facility.  I stopped in for a quick bite to eat.  The cafe is bright and pleasant with a few seats along the window.  I didn’t visit the market side, but it looked as if there were organic products.  There’s a large menu of vegetable juices, and I ordered a detox cocktail.  I also got a slice of quiche, rice pudding and a lemon almond bite.  The almond bite looked like a mini cupcake.

I ate my rice pudding first, and it was very good.  In fact, it left me with a hankering for more.  I hadn’t had rice pudding in a long time, and this reawakened a desire for it.

rice pudding

The little almond bite is good to satisfy a sweet tooth who is also being healthy, which after eating rice pudding, was not me.


The warmed slice of quiche was small but full of flavor.  The crust had the perfect flavor for savory crust.  It hit the spot, as I was just looking for some quick, light eats.


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