Raleigh Respite

I took what is becoming my annual Thanksgiving week vacation in Raleigh again this year.  My first day there I had breakfast at IHOP where I got some yummy pumpkin pancakes.  On Tuesday, I had lunch at the new North Raleigh location of Neomonde.  The same great food without the crowds.  I always get a make-your-own plate with four salads.  This time, I got fattoush, labneh, tuna salad and kale salad with a basket of fresh, hot pita.  I was so excited to eat my favorite Lebanese food that I forgot to take a picture before it was all gone.  This Neomonde also has a grocery section, and I found some mahlab that I am going to use in baking.  Any suggestions for its use are appreciated!

Tuesday dinner:  Domo Sushi in Cary.  I had my favorite avo-cream cheese roll.  I’ve never seen it on another sushi menu.  It’s just avocado and cream cheese, but it’s so good.  It has something to do with the ratio of each, and at Domo, it’s perfect.

avo-cream cheese roll

I also got the volcano roll and bagel roll.  At Domo, they have a bagel roll in addition to a Philly roll for those who don’t like smoked salmon.  I also like to see how restaurants prepare the volcano roll, as it’s different at every one.  I haven’t seen too many volcano rolls on NYC sushi menus.

bagel and volcano rolls

They also have interesting vegetarian rolls like Veggie #1–Avocado, carrot & seaweed salad topped with sesame seeds, almond flakes and wasabi mayo.

veggie #1

Not a sushi fan?  No worries.


They have other great dishes like tempura udon.


Wednesday lunch–a restaurant I’d never been to before:  Piebird in downtown Raleigh.  We came here because of the honey sea salt pie, which my friend had before and loved.  Here, you can get smaller handpies or a piece of a larger pie.  We were seated at a table for two that was a little dirty.  The host who sat us was on the phone wiping other tables, which we thought was funny since he seated us at one that needed to be wiped.  Service was slow here, and it wasn’t crowded.

I got a slice of the Moravian chicken pie with a house salad.  The waiter told me the pie had red pepper in it.  The pie was very good, but it was generously sprinkled with black pepper.  I’m not a fan of a lot of black pepper like in cacio e pepe, as the strong taste of black pepper tends to take over.  I enjoyed this pie but wished it had less black pepper.

Moravian chicken pie

My friend ordered the pimento cheese pie, a pie she’s had before and likes very much.

pimento cheese pie

Unfortunately, they were out of honey sea salt pie by the slice. We asked about purchasing a whole pie but were told they were all spoken for. We shared a coconut cream pie that was very good, especially the crust.

coconut cream pie

Wednesday evening I made an apple pie with Joy the Baker’s buttermilk crust.

apple pie

I used PET whole buttermilk but was disappointed to see that PET starting adding gums to its buttermilk.

Thursday was Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, candied sweet potates and broccoli.

My mom makes the candied sweet potates with pear preserves made by a co-worker of hers.  They are delicious.

For dessert, we had pecan, pumpkin and apple pies with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Unfortunately, my family found the buttermilk crust to be too bitter, but I liked it.

Friday was time for turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches.  What else does one eat on the Friday after Thanksgiving?  (By the way, that’s the only name I know for the day after Thanksgiving.)


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