d’vida Health Bar

I was lucky to score some freebies from d’vida Health bar today in the form of smoothies and protein bars.  And they were delicious!  The green smoothie was full of veggies and fruit–green apple, spinach, kale and cucumber.  One bar, the Grassroots bar, had carrot, raisins and zucchini.  If you’re skittish of health food, this one is for you because it had a cinnamony flavor reminiscent of holiday baked goods.  You wouldn’t know it was made with veggies.

d’vida baked goods

The other one, the Power Loaf, had banana, flaxseed meal, cranberries and oats.  It tasted like a very strong banana-flavored banana bread.  The texture was different though, as it was made with oats and maybe flax?  Both were delish.  So excited this is nearby because I want to drink more pure veggie juices.  Thanks, d’vida!


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