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Lost City is a very cool food blog that chronicles the dying landmarks of New York City.  It seems an appropriate blog to feature in light of Hurricane Sandy and the loss of local landmarks.  I love this Web site, as I wax nostalgic of all things in New York City’s history, especially those my family and I remember.  The impetus for starting the site was the closing of McHale’s Bar.  Everyone has memories of a favorite place in New York City, and it is sad as the fabric of the city changes.  Change is inevitable, yes, but most New Yorkers don’t like the city becoming a large shopping mall with little character.

Foodies will appreciate Lost City for its list of lost recipes and closed landmark restaurants.  There’s a great article on how to write a restaurant review of a landmark restaurant.

I am saddened at the suburbanization of New York City, and the greed that exists here to gobble up every bit of history.  I’m a member of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, which helps preserve the history of the Village area.


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