Mahlab, a spice made from the ground kernels inside cherry pits, was unknown to me until I recently had an American Spoon milk caramel that listed it as an ingredient.  A fan of dulce de leche, I saw American Spoon’s version at Chelsea Market Baskets in Chelsea Market.  It listed mahlab as an ingredient.  Since I love Midwestern cherries, I thought I’d love this.  And, indeed, I do.  It has a spicy, bitter taste with a floral hint.  I’ve been eating it on yogurt and ice cream.

milk caramel

I saw a cooking show today with a recipe for crepes with cajeta, and this milk caramel would be great for that too.

I since learned that mahlab is used in Greek and Middle Eastern baking, and  it comes from St. Lucie cherries.  Now I’d like to experiment with it myself.  First, I have to find it.  Know where to get it in NYC?


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