USS Intrepid

Recently, I visited the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum to check out the USS Intrepid again and to see the space shuttle Enterprise.  This is a great museum to check out.  I first visited back in 1997 and met a volunteer there who was on the USS Intrepid during World War II.  He became a friend of mine and we would send each other Christmas cards until he passed.

How is this related to food?  Well, soldiers have to eat.  And, on the Intrepid, there were 3,000 of them.  In one day, they ate 500 dozen eggs, 1500 chickens, 1500 pounds of potatoes, 3000 steaks and 5000 pints of milk.  Bakers aboard the ship made 700 loaves of bread a day.  They needed professional grade baking supplies like this mixer that is on display.

Intrepid mixer

In the space shuttle gift shop, you can purchase astronaut food.

astronaut food

I also toured a claustrophobia-inducing nuclear submarine with a galley that was larger than other rooms.


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