Two for Tuesday: Frozen Yogurt

Here I go again with my frozen treats!  OK, I have found THE frozen yogurt in NYC.  One word, one silly word:  Yogorino.  There’s only one flavor at Yogorino.  Wait, don’t be disappointed.  They only need one flavor because IT’S THAT GOOD.  This yogurt is creamy and delicious with a lovely fresh flavor.  It’s served swirled in a blue-tinted plastic cup that’s cute enough to take home.  I did get fruit toppings, but I’d prefer eating this yogurt plain.


I know I’ve already written about YoArt, but I recently went back and got some more delicious flavors and toppings: Greek honey and Cinnamon roll, topped with figs in syrup and toasted coconut.  The toppings here are varied at this self-serve yogurt shop.  It’s a bit on the pricey side though, but it’s worth it now and again for a splurge.



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