Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen

I finally braved the long line on the crowded sidewalk of 52nd Street in Hell’s Kitchen to try the highly-acclaimed ramen at Totto Ramen.  I arrived ten minutes before opening, and there already was a line.  There’s a clipboard on the door, and this is where you sign up with the number in your party. There were more than 20 names before mine, so I knew there’d be a wait.  Thanks to Word Whomp, my dining companion and I got through the hour and a half fairly easily.  We got the first two seats at the counter and were hurriedly asked what we wanted.  I should’ve read the menu, so I knew what I wanted immediately.  I ordered a vegetable ramen because I wanted more veggies but also got it with chicken.


I got a char siu pork bun as well.  The bun came first, and it was out of this world.  I’ve never had ramen before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I wasn’t sure how to eat it at first until I watched other patrons.  The noodles are starchy, which is probably no surprise to a seasoned ramen eater.  The hot bowl of veggies and ramen was the perfect food for a cold day in NYC.  I’m not sure I’d wait on line for it again, but it was good.  The pork bun, however, was exceptionally delish.  I might wait on line for that again.

char siu bun


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