Two for Tuesday: San Gennaro Cannoli

This week’s Two for Tuesday celebrates the San Gennaro Festival in NYC’s Little Italy.  The contenders are two of the remaining pastry shops in the area:  Ferrara, family owned since 1892, is the famous pastry shop located on Grand Street, and La Bella Ferrara is located on Mulberry Street near Canal Street.  If you’re never been to the former, you must go and just look.  Look at the pastry case in all its beauty–the colors, the glazes, the dollops of cream.  I have heard, though I am not sure, that these bakeries are in the same family and there may be a family feud.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, and I certainly think they both have great items.  The cookies at La Bella are delicious.  The smell in there alone is divine!

I got a cannoli from Ferrara:


and from La Bella Ferrara:

La Bella Ferrara

First, the shell. I like the color of La Bella’s and it had the right crunch. I do think I tasted cinnamon in there, which I don’t think should be in a cannoli.  Ferrara’s cannoli shell had a more familiar taste and was crunchy as well.  Both of these cannoli were filled when I bought them, and they must be filling them each day, as they were fresh.  Sometimes when you see a pre-filled cannoli, it’s a sign that the shell will be soggy.

Second, the filling.  I preferred Ferrara’s filling.  It had more of a ricotta flavor and was a tad more creamy.

Both cannoli were very good and worth trying at this week’s San Gennaro Festival.  There are many great cannoli in NYC and more than just these two to try at the feast.  Both of these bakeries also have many other delicious cookies, pastries and desserts as well.  I don’t think you can go wrong with a stop at either bakery.


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