Two for Tuesday: Coffee Cakes

It’s hard to find a coffee house these days that isn’t a Starbucks.  That’s why the opening of Kahve in Hell’s Kitchen was so special.  Kahve is the Turkish word for coffee, and the shop sells Turkish coffee as well as Cuban coffee, perhaps because of the Turkish and Cuban ancestry of its owners.  The casual coffee shop fits well with the 9th Avenue vibe.  There are a number of good-looking bakery items as well, which is why I stopped in.  I decided to try a cherry coffee cake and a chocolate banana bread.  They also had a strawberry pie that looked like a good way to end summer.  I’m not a big fan of carrot cake, but they had an adorable, three-layer carrot cake that looked delish with slathered frosting peeping out.  Below is a pic of what I got.  The chocolate banana cake had cute piped frosting, but the cashier put it in the bag upside-down, so the frosting smeared.

chocolate banana cake and cherry coffee cake

The chocolate banana snack cake was fresh with a good banana flavor dotted here and there with chocolate chips for a little chocolate fix.  The cherry coffee cake had a thin, sugary crust on top with soft, fresh cake and a sweet cherry layer.

cherry coffee cake

I’m not a big fan of the bakery items at Starbucks.  Whenever I’ve had them, they were usually not fresh.  I do like the drinks at Starbucks.  I have yet to try the coffee at Kahve, but I want to and also look forward to that strawberry pie.  Welcome to the neighborhood!


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