Two for Tuesday: Yogurt

Muller yogurt is from Europe but has joined with Quaker (Quaker oats) to bring Muller yogurt to the U.S.   I tried Muller FrutUp, which is creamy yogurt topped with a fruit mousse.  This take on yogurt is a refreshing change from the Greek yogurt craze.  I like the whipped fruit on top.  Both strawberry and raspberry are very good.

Alpina yogurt pairs creamy yogurt with a blend of granola.  I tried Revive Tropical which is mango yogurt with a coconuty tropical blend.  This mix was very good and the flavor combo blended well together.

I also tried Revive Chai Spices, which is honey yogurt with a chai granola.  I wasn’t crazy about the chai granola; the flavor didn’t seem to blend well with the honey yogurt.


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