The Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall

The Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall is a hustling and bustling five-star food court.  With Todd English’s food hall as the main attraction, this is a definite place  for foodies to visit.  Francois Payard has a shop here with his verrines (the raspberry one has olive oil marshmallows):

lovely cakes:


and macarons. 

Other shops include Lady M, La Maison du Chocolat, Billy’s Bakery, Luke’s Lobster, Sushi of Gari, Three Tarts, and William Greenberg Desserts. 

icebox cakes from Billy’s Bakery

yellow daisy cake from Billy’s

panna cotta from Three Tarts

gourmet marshmallows from Three Tarts

After circling the food hall a few times, I decided to try one a red velvet black and white cookie from William Greenberg Desserts.

red velvet black and white cookie

I also tried a Greek lemon yogurt with mango bobas from Yo Art.  Yes, they look like large salmon roe, but they are actually balls of mango juice that burst in your mouth.  This was a great combo.  The Greek lemon is such a pleasant flavor.


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