Two for Tuesday: Yogurt

Move over, Greek yogurt.  The Bavarians and Aussies want a shot at gaining the ethnic yogurt title in America.  The Ehrmann family of Germany brings their time-honored Bavarian-style yogurt to Vermont.  Yogurt flavors include cherry, blueberry, strawberry, peach and blackberry-pomegranate.  I tried cherry and blueberry flavors.  The yogurt is in a separate section of the container from the fruit mixture, so you can mix as you like.  The lowfat yogurts are deliciously creamy, and the fruit mixture is sweet yet bursting with the fruit’s flavor.  It doesn’t taste like a lowfat yogurt at all.  The family swears that the creaminess comes from using “fresh, pure milk” and natural ingredients.  Highly recommended.

Noosa Yoghurt is an Australian yoghurt made in Colorado.  The fruit and yoghurt are mixed, and it comes in a flat 8 oz. carton.  It is not lowfat; it is, however, creamy and delicious.  The secret must be milk from “happy cows” who live on a family-owned dairy farm.  Yoghurt flavors include honey, mango, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry and peach.  I tried honey and strawberry rhubarb.  Very creamy and delicious.  Highly recommended.

Both of these yogurts are creamy and remind me of how yogurt in America used to be.  Greek yogurt is a different style of yogurt with a thicker consistency.  It also has more protein per serving, making it a healthier choice.  (Four ounces of Noosa has about 9 g of protein, 150 g [5 oz.] of Ehrmann’s has about 7 g of protein, and 150 g of Greek yogurt has about 12 g of protein.)  But both of these yogurts are high on my list for creamy goodness and sweet fruit flavor.


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  1. Nice review. Thanks for the tip!

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