International Food Truck and Beer Festival

I want to apologize for advertising the International Food Truck and Beer Festival on my blog.  I have the utmost integrity and want my guests to trust and value my opinion on food and food events.  I bought a ticket to this event through for $36 ahead of time.  When I arrived at the event, I saw that the food truck festival was an OPEN event, OPEN to the public, no need for a ticket at all to enter.  I thought my ticket included six vouchers to the food truck festival.  I was told it included two ticket vouchers that could be used for beer, water or food at one booth (choice of sloppy joe, hot dog or taco bowl)–not food from the food trucks.  You were able to buy vouchers there for beer and water.  You could buy food separately at each food truck.  I see absolutely NO value in the $36 I paid, as without a ticket, you could enter the festival.  I thought I was getting $36 worth of vouchers for the food trucks.  When I got there, they told me that there were different tickets with different names like International and Five Oceans.  International was $36 and Five Oceans was $40 and with the Five Oceans, you get six food vouchers to the sorry food booth with sloppy joes, hot dogs and taco bowls, none of which looked appetizing.  (Also, if you chose the taco bowl, you could either get lettuce or rice, not both. )  I used my tickets on bottles of water.  I cannot, in good conscience, recommend buying a ticket to this event.  If you want to visit the food trucks at South Street Seaport, you can do so for free without a ticket and purchase what you want individually from each truck.


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