Museum Meals

Museum restaurants and cafes can be surprisingly good places to eat.  New York City is one of the best cities to get great cuisine at a museum.  I had brunch recently at Robert, a restaurant at the top of the Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle that serves American and Mediterranean cuisine.  Talk about one of the greatest views in the city!  Full frontal Central Park.

If you haven’t been to the museum, I highly recommend it, as I’ve gone on a few occasions and enjoyed it very much.  The gift shop has unique housewares and jewelry as well.

To get to Robert, take the elevator to the 9th floor.  The contemporary space is white with sci-fi see-through chairs with purple cushions and pink and yellow lighting from above.  The bathroom doors are pretty cool too with fluorescent pink lighting through the glass door.  The lounge area has couches or you can get a table near the window in the dining area.

We were served a basket of mini baguettes and chocolate muffins with creamy-good butter and sea salt.

For starters, I got the chilled corn soup with avocado and cilantro.  My friend also ordered this dish, and though visually pleasing, it didn’t work for either of us.  I thought the olive oil flavor didn’t mix well with the corn.  It was a little overpowering and the consistency was an unpleasant thickness.

For my entree, I got the ricotta cheese pancakes with tomato-dried fruit jam and whipped cream.  Pretty, pretty pancakes!  These were wonderfully fluffy and light.  I enjoyed switching between the jam for a little sweetness and the whipped cream.

For dessert, cheese cake with peach compote and chocolate tuille.  This was a light, fluffy cheese cake and the peach flavor was a sweet variation.

My dessert was a perfectly round scoop of house made vanilla ice cream.


One response to “Museum Meals

  1. Sounds like a great place with great views. I’ve heard that museum restaurants can be surprisingly good so I’ll have to find one to try!

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