Two for Tuesday: Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream caught my eye while I was at Murray’s Cheese last week.  At $11.99 a pint, I had to see if it was just that good.  I tried goat cheese with red cherries.  I love tart red cherries, so I thought this would be for me.

Jeni’s, out of Ohio, uses tapioca starch as a thickener to create the consistency of its ice cream.

While it had a very clean flavor, I found the goat cheese to be a bit overpowering.  I’m a big fan of traditional, creamy homemade ice creams made Philadelphia-style (without eggs).  Jeni’s is made without eggs, but it doesn’t have that naturally creamy mouthfeel I look for in homemade ice cream.  They do list milk first in the ingredient list, then cream, so maybe that’s why it just wasn’t $11.99 creamy good to me.  So I think how you will like Jeni’s depends on how you take your ice cream.  I like mine with cream, milk and sugar.
Ronnybrook Milk Bar

I tried the ginger and the raspberry ice creams at this shop in Chelsea Market.  I thought the ice cream wasn’t as milky crisp as it could’ve been coming from a dairy and suspected it had gums.  The ingredient list on its Web site confirmed my suspicion.  The raspberry flavor was very light, as was the ginger.  For ginger, it’s probably best to have a lighter flavoring because too much ginger in ice cream can make it a bit too spicy for me.


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