Restaurant Week: One if by Land, Two if by Sea

I’ve always wanted to go to One if by Land, Two if by Sea because I had heard it was one of the most romantic spots in the city.  It once was Aaron Burr’s carriage house.  And a century later, my great-grandparents lived across the street.  Now, the double wooden doors with drawn curtains set the scene to transport us back to the 18th century.  Inside, brick walls, chandeliers, a fireplace, and large folk artsy Americana murals on the wall behind the bar and in the dining room reinforce the restaurant’s history.

While the dining room was charming, the Restaurant Week menu reflected the stigma of Restaurant Week–the choices were not as exciting as ordering off of the regular menu.  A lot of salads for appetizers and entrees.  My friend did order one of the salads as a starter, and although it was a good mix of greens, it was nothing but an ordinary salad. I chose the roasted corn chowder, a sweet chowder with bits of corn and strong flavor.

We were offered two types of bread, rolls and focaccia, and they were very good.  The accompanying butter was soft.

For entree, we both chose the eggs Arcadia, an eggs benedict with lobster cakes instead of Canadian bacon, as the other choices were just not interesting enough.  This was very good, though.  The lobster cake was a nice change to a typical brunch choice.  My friend mentioned that if she had known this came with a salad, she wouldn’t have ordered a salad to start.

For dessert, the Caraibe chocolate ganache with banana ice cream and caramel.  Of course, this was delicious–who doesn’t like rich chocolate ganache, caramel and banana?

It was fun to finally visit this historic restaurant. I still would like to return to try the famous beef Wellington.


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