Sweets Week: Day 1: Cafe Zaiya

There may be a theme for Sweets Week this time, Japanese sweets.  Lunch time at the Midtown location of Cafe Zaiya on E. 41st Street is a madhouse.  The very popular Japanese spot has savory lunches available.  Of course, I made my way to the bakery case.  After eyeing some French-style fancy cakes and breads, I decided upon a cream cheese dome and a cream cornet.

cream cheese dome

Verdict:  The cream cheese dome wasn’t round or high.  I’d call it cream cheese moon because with its pockmarks, it looks like the surface of the moon.  The bread part was a soft, sweet bread, and the cream cheese was more like farmer cheese consistency than smooth cream cheese like we’d find in an American cheese Danish.


The cream cheese was creamy and not too sweet, a good balance with the sweet bread.  I liked this bread and would get it again.

cream cornet

Verdict:  The cream cornet should be called custard cornet, as the filling is more like a custard.  I’m not a big fan of custard in pastry, but this one is not very sweet, which is nice.  From what I read about cream cornets, the bread is like a soft roll.  This one is very soft and tastes like a dinner roll reminiscent of Golden Corral.  Btw, I love Golden Corral dinner rolls, but the taste and consistency don’t work well in a custard bun.  Given my feelings on custard and the roll, I wouldn’t get this again.


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