Summer tonics

The record high heat has most of us trying to quench our thirst.  Gatorade is always high on my list this time of year.  But sometimes you want something different.  When I was a younger girl working a summer internship, I had a thing with the doorman of my building.  Each day at lunch, I’d come back with some unusual fruit drink for lunch and he’d comment on what I was drinking that day.  Eh, sometimes when you’re working, things like this are fun ways of breaking up the monotony of the day.  Back at that time, there wasn’t nearly as much choice as there is today.

At Murray’s Cheese in Grand Central, I found White Cow Dairy dairy tonics.  I’m a huge fan of White Cow Dairy’s yogurts, so I had high expectations.  I tried strawberry lime, which really hit the spot.  Great flavor and good for you too!  It really didn’t feel like I was drinking a dairy drink.  Very refreshing.  I’d like to try their other flavors.

dairy tonic

The second tonic I found was Bragg apple cider vinegar drinks. Yes, you read that right. No, I didn’t think I’d ever drink apple cider vinegar either.  I’ve used it in cooking pork barbecue, but never for drinking.  An aunt of mine told me she took some in the morning to “clear” herself.  The thoughts always grossed me out.  However, these drinks looked refreshing in flavors like Limeade and Ginger spice.

limeade and ginger spice

These are sweetened with stevia, but you still taste the apple cider vinegar.  They taste like a “tonic” would, but I still found them to be refreshing.


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