Lobster, Lobster, Everywhere

Now that it’s summer, everyone is thinking seafood.  Lobster shacks haven’t lost their popularity.  I went to one recently that ships in fresh lobster from Maine, but I was underwhelmed.  I’ve had lobster rolls in Maine and Long Island, and the one I had just didn’t do it for me.  I did, however, find a great lobster dish at an unlikely place:  Lillie’s Victorian Establishment in Times Square.  Basically, Lillie’s is a Victorian-themed pub.  Lillie’s is worth visiting for the decor alone–plush red seating, stained-glass windows, large columns, statues, old photos, art and clocks.  Wall sconces with colorful, slanted candles give a bit of macabre to the otherwise bright, manor house feel.  I had the warm beet salad with goat cheese and arugula.  I also had the organic chicken breast sandwich, which was served on very good bread.  Usually, pub food is palatable at best, but Lillie’s is good.  My friend ordered the shepherd’s pie, a dish he orders at pretty much every Irish pub.  He said it’s the best around.  Finally, the showstopping dish:  the homemade mac and cheese topped with lobster.  Creamy, with plenty of sauce and just enough lobster so it didn’t overwhelm the mac and cheese.

lobster mac and cheese


One response to “Lobster, Lobster, Everywhere

  1. I just love good pub grub, and the mac and cheese with lobster sounds delicious!

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