Sweets Week: Day 1: Georgetown Cupcake

After trying Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes at a NYC Bar Association event, I wanted more.  So I headed to their NYC location in Soho.  A cupcake tasting without red velvet would be insane.  So I got red velvet, chocolate and vanilla (everyone likes one or the other), white chocolate raspberry (yummy combo) and lavender earl gray teacake (something different).  Before eating, I thought I would like red velvet best and lavender earl grey least.

First, I tried white chocolate raspberry.

Verdict:  A little too moist.  The white chocolate chips were on the bottom, so I’m guessing they weren’t floured before being put into the batter.

Second, the chocolate and vanilla.

Verdict:  A coffee-flavored chocolate.

Third, red velvet.

Verdict:  A little on the sweet side.

Fourth, lavender earl gray teacake.

Verdict:  Light flavor, not too sweet, very pleasant.  The surprising favorite of the group.  I still think the key lime and salted caramel are my favorites from this cupcake shop.  (In case you’re wondering, I had some help sampling these cupcakes.  I’m a foodie, but even I can’t eat four cupcakes at once!)  To try your own taste test, visit their site.

Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes


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