What’s wrong with this picture?

a saltine

No, your eyes are not tricking you.  The salty, round cracker you see pictured above is indeed a saltine.  Saltines aren’t round, you say?  They’re square with those little ridges on two sides?  Well, my friend, the times they are a changing.  Nabisco Premium has changed the shape of its legendary cracker. 


new saltines


Is it my imagination that the shape affected the taste?  Am I the only one who tastes a difference?  Yes, I know square saltines can still be found–from other brands, the ones I previously rejected because they weren’t the original.

What will they change next?  How about peanut butter?  Yes, I read this article on peanut butter slices, but, don’t worry, unlike saltines, you can still get pb in the jar to dip your saltines in.


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