9th Avenue International Food Festival

Yesterday was a gorgeous summery day, and the streets were packed with festival go-ers from 42nd to 57th Streets on 9th Ave.  Many of the area restaurants lining the route had booths out front of their shops.  Whatever kind of food you desire could be found from Mexican, Thai, Indian, Italian, Polish, and German to Caribbean, Chilean,  and Indonesian.  After walking the length of the fair, I decided to get some shredded beef brisket and steamed buns from Pure Thai Cookhouse.

They also had great homemade ice cream in flavors like raspberry and cilantro, coconut and Thai tea. It was delicious!

I also tried a cherry strudel from Poseidon bakery, who makes them in a variety of flavors like pineapple, apricot, apple, prune and poppyseed. The strudel has a Greek twist to it with a phyllo dough shell. The Greek bakery is an old world treasure in the neighborhood.



One response to “9th Avenue International Food Festival

  1. Thai tea ice-cream…that sounds really yummy.

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