I finally tried Taboon in Hell’s Kitchen.  The atmosphere at Taboon is similar to the rustic, casual style popular in NYC Italian restaurants now, yet in the evening, candles in the windows and drawn white curtains make for romantic elegance.  A velvet curtain ushers you inside where the taboon, the restaurant’s namesake, the wood-fired oven, bakes fresh bread.  Large plates of fresh vegetables sit on the nearby counter.   The eggplants, tomatoes and lemons are representative of Taboon’s Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.  Taboon isn’t just a place to come for dinner; it’s the kind of place where you could get drinks, of which they have an interesting selection, and some mezze to relax after work.

For starters, we got three spreads and bread:  red pepper spread (left), taramosalata, and schoog (center), a spicy, Yemenite dip.  My favorite was the schoog.  I’d never had it before and enjoyed its refreshing heat.  The red pepper spread was also a favorite.  The taramosalata was a little saltier than I prefer.

dips and bread

We also got vegetables with farro and goat cheese.


I ordered the lamb osso bucco, tender braised Colorado lamb shank with farro, glazed carrots and green peas.  I love this photo.  The lamb fell off the bone.  It was perfectly cooked.

lamb osso bucco

My friend ordered the hanger steak, Colorado Brandt beef, garlic zaatar and pistachio oil marinade, roasted pepper and sumac chutney, rosemary yukon gold potato, and brussels sprouts garlic confit.

hanger steak

For dessert, silan,  vanilla ice cream layered with puffed rice and date honey syrup and sprinkled with caramelized pistachios and shredded halvah.  Shredded halvah makes for an unusual texture.  I liked the crunch of the puffed rice and sweetness of the syrup.



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