Cupcake Tasting

Chikalicious cupcake display

The New York City Bar Association (NYCBA) had a Cupcake Tasting last night.  It featured cupcakes from Chikalicious, Georgetown Cupcake, Kyotofu, Robicelli’s, Tonnie’s Minis, Amy’s Bread, Billy’s Bakery and Make My Cake.  Cupcakes ranged in size from mini to full-size.  While it was nice to have a full-size cupcake, I wasn’t alone in appreciating the smaller ones because there were so many to try.

Of course, there were the standard red velvet cupcakes like the ones pictured from Tonnie’s Minis.

red velvet cupcakes

But there were also more exotic cupcakes like those from Kyotofu with ingredients like yuzu and matcha.

yuzu and matcha cupcakes

I’m a huge fan of Robicelli’s super-delish cupcakes.  But the cupcake to sample, the Bea Arthur, with coffee and cheesecake frosting, wasn’t a favorite of mine.

If you are like me and prefer a less sweet cupcake, I recommend Chikalicious.  Their cupcakes were very good.  I tried strawberry, chocolate and banana, and they were yumilicious.

Banana and strawberry Chikalicious cupcakes

Another star of the night was Georgetown Cupcake, originally from D.C. also with a storefront in Soho. I tried key lime, and it had the perfect blend of tart, sweet and cream.

Georgetown key lime

I heard their caramel was a crowd favorite.

Another popular cupcake of the evening, and one of my favorites, was the coconut cupcake from Make My Cake.  Make My Cake took a cute spin on the event and named their cupcakes after legal terms like County Court Chocolate.

Coconut and chocolate cupcakes from Make My Cake

In all, it was a fun event with a lot of great cupcakes to sample to fit everyone’s cupcake tastes from the comfort classics to the exotic and gourmet.  (And I know of at least two shops, Georgetown and Kyotofu, that had gluten-free cupcakes available.)


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