Minamoto Kitchoan

I made a trip to Minamoto Kitchoan.  I had sampled some wagashi, Japanese sweets, during Japan Week and wanted to try more.  The shop’s address is 608 5th Ave., but if you go there, you will not find it.  The entrance is around the corner on 49th Street.

Kitchoan window

The shop is pleasant and the people working there are very friendly and helpful.

I got my favorites, sakuranbo–a cherry with jelly,

Japanese cherry with jelly

and fukuwatashisenbei, a wafer cookie with cream filling.

I also got a peach jelly, which was beautifully wrapped.

peach jelly

The peach jelly was similar to gelatin but a little more firm.  I think it’s made from fruit pectin, so it would be vegetarian-friendly.

peach jelly

I also got a mochi and was told to eat it soon so it would be fresh.



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