Dissolving Food Wrappers

When I was a little girl, I was amazed when my cousin and his Army buddies brought me Army food.  I thought the tasteless stuff in pouches was pretty cool.  I likened it to astronaut food–something you’d eat in dire circumstances or in another atmosphere but wouldn’t touch if you had real food nearby.  Thank goodness science created this food, though, to enable our soldiers and astronauts to eat in unusual situations.  Now, science has answered the modern call for environmentally-friendly packaging. 

How would you like your warm, yummy oatmeal for breakfast, packet included?  Not appealing to you?  I can’t think why not.  According to an article in March 2012’s Fast Company, MonoSol, a lab in Indiana, has developed films that encase things like laundry detergent, that dissolve with use.  Of course, this is a great idea to save space in the landfill.  Not so sure I want to ingest the dissolved film with my morning coffee.  MonoSol has coffee and hot chocolate packs, drink sticks, oatmeal packs and spice packs that dissolve during cooking that they hope will reach the market in the near future.


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