Aporkalypse Now

aPORKalypse Now festival is this weekend, Saturday, February 25, in NYC, featuring 10 whole hogs, 10 chefs and 40 craft beers.  The chefs include Antonio Mora, Prime Meats; Christopher Parks, The Guilty Goose; Gabe Thompson, l’artusi; Matthew Hyman, Alewife Queens; Philippe Roussel, Café d’Alsace; Ralph Yedinak, Waterfront Ale House; Stephen Durley, Get Real NY; Steve Gonzalez from Sfoglini; Ben Del Coro from Fossil Farms; Devon Gilroy (Amali) with  Ben Del Coro (Fossil Farms); Greg Johnson from Rye Hous; Nick Grosz from Taproom 307; Celsa Gonzalez from Cariño; Ian Kapitan from Alobar; and Clay Gordon from TheChocolateLife.com.  Get Real Beer (NY), a company focusing on craft beer, sponsors the event.  For tickets, go here.

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