Lady Chefs from Neuhaus

Someone who knows me very well got me Lady Chefs chocolates from Neuhaus for this Valentine’s Day.  It was a nice surprise to get a box of chocolates at work, and the round box itself was lovely, smooth and pink with a chocolatey-brown bow.

Lady Chefs

There are 18 pralines, two each of the nine created by world-renowned chefs.  The idea of these pralines was exciting to me.  I had to do a taste test and try one from each chef to find my favorite.  Each praline is marked with the scripted initials of its creator. 

Lovely lady pralines

The winning one to me is Annie Feolde who has restaurants in Florence and Tokyo.  Her praline included walnuts, ganache with orange, cinnamon, coriander in milk chocolate.  The inspiration for her praline, she says, is a panforte.  My second favorite was from Helene Darroze who has restaurants in Paris and London.  I loved hers because of the dark chocolate and raspberry.  I think third place was a tie between Sofie Dumont’s ganache with marzipan, olive oil and cocoa nibs in dark chocolate and Trish Deseine’s gianduja with shortbread and ganache with caramel with fleur de sel in dark chocolate.  The other chocolates were good but didn’t stand out to me like these did.  The most unusual one was Fina Puigdevall’s with ganache with walnuts and aromatic herbs in dark chocolate.  I’m not sure the herbs worked for me.  

I love the concept of celebrating female chefs from around the world and using their talent in a creative way.  Savoring these delightful chocolates was a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day.


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