Chinese New Year

I’m sorry my post is a little late, but I went to the New Year parade in Chinatown this past weekend.  It was a beautiful day and a fun parade.  I visited one of my favorite places–Chinatown Ice Cream Factory–for one of my favorite flavors–almond cookie.  I also got an almond cookie and really creamy and delicious hot tea at a bakery.  My friend, who is from China, took me to Joe’s Shanghai on Pell Street for some Shanghai soup dumplings.  I’d never had them before.  Joe’s Shanghai is a popular spot, and there was a wait, though not too long, after the parade.  We sat at a communal table, and my friend ordered crab and pork and just pork soup dumplings.  She showed me how to eat them by picking them up with tongs by their pursed tip and placing them on a spoon.  Add a dash of black vinegar, she told me, to cut the taste of the meat, kind of how one adds lemon to fish.  She told me the soup inside is very hot and instructed me to bite a tiny hole into the side and then slurp out the soup.  I did this, but hot soup squirted out onto the table.  After the first fiasco, I got the hang of it and was soon easily slurping my soup and helping the dumpling into my mouth with chopsticks.  I’m now a dumpling convert.  They were delicious!

Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings


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