Pie Face Bakery Now Open in Midtown and Free Pies on Thursday

Pie Face Bakery Cafe opened this week on the same block as the Ed Sullivan Theater (where The Late Show with David Letterman Show is taped).  This is an Australian chain that serves primarily savory pies but also pastries and sweet pies.  I admit I’m not the savory pie person, and someone very cool bought me a mini chocolate pie, which was a very rich chocolate mousse in a cute little shell. 

rich chocolate mousse filling

No, that is not a space ship.  It’s a mini chocolate pie.

mini chocolate pie

I hear they have lamingtons.  An Australian friend explained to me that lamingtons are in Australia what brownies are in the U.S.  I definitely want to try one, and tomorrow, January 26, National Australia Day, is a good day to do so.

Also, Pie Face will be giving away free mini savory pies tomorrow for National Australia Day and its grand opening.  Expect to wait in line if you go!

UPDATE:  I got the lamington at Pie Face.  While I don’t think it will overthrow the brownie in the U.S., I do think it’s mighty tasty if you like coconut and chocolate.  It was very fresh and much larger than I had anticipated.




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