Braai South African Restaurant

I finally tried Braai, a South African restaurant in NYC, that I highly recommend.  According to Braai’s Web site, South African cuisine is influenced by Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Indian/Malay cuisines.  The word “Braai” means to barbecue or grill in South African and is a way of life of gathering to eat and socialize.  Braai has dim lighting and is decorated with a thatched ceiling to create the ambiance that you are really in a restaurant in South Africa.

You can see the above influences in the menu.  The wine list consists of South African wines, and we had two bottles of the Seven Sisters‘ merlot, which was excellent.  I found the wine description on the menu to be very accurate. 

For starters, we tried a portobello mushroom with goat cheese, a dish that was absolutely delicious with  a spicy kick:

portobello mushroom with goat cheese

We also had sausages with pap, these were good and the pap is a scoop of thick grits:

sausages with pap

 For dinner, I ordered chicken bobotie, with a slightly sweet tomato sauce, that I really enjoyed:

chicken bobotie

 My friend got the oxtail stew which he thought was excellent:


 For dessert, I got the koeksisters.  I had them previously at Xai Xai and loved them.  These were a softer version, and I prefer the crispy Xai Xai version.


We also got the mango mousse cake, which was light and refreshing:

mango mousse


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