Artisan Marshmallows the New Cupcake?

I read a recent article that claimed such, but I was suspect.  Cupcakes are the ultimate comfort treat.  They remind us of childhood parties, of our grandma’s buttercream icing, of happiness and fun.  They are small and we don’t feel so guilty eating just one.  So you could see why I was suspect that artisan marshmallows would dethrone the hallowed cupcake.  That is, until I tried artisan marshmallows from 240Sweet

I met 240Sweet partner Alexa Lemley a few months ago at the New York Chocolate Show.  She was helping out at her friend’s booth, and while we chatted, she told me that she is an artisan marshmallow maker.  She asked if I’d like a sample, and I told her yes.  I’ve had the famous marshmallows of City Bakery, the gourmet version of your standard marshmallow.  It was very good and certainly not the gummy cylindrical puffs that you get in the grocery store.  But beyond a little melty gooey in my hot cocoa, I didn’t take pleasure in biting it alone. 

Alexa sent me a package of three flavors, roasted pineapple, peppermint and white chocolate snow.  On a cold New York night, I made myself a cup of hot cocoa topped with a white chocolate snow marshmallow.  Wow!  The large, square pillows are soft and cloudlike.  The white chocolate chips are covered in powdered sugar and melt on your tongue. 

white chocolate snow marshmallows

This marshmallow is divine.  It made my cup of hot cocoa not just comforting but also fun.

This led me to think of creative uses for my marshmallows.  Being from North Carolina, I love my sweet potatoes.  I’ve had many variations of sweet potato casseroles, those including crushed pecans, oatmeal crusts, pear preserves, maple syrup, crushed pineapple.  Some casseroles are topped with the mini marshmallows from the grocery store.  This gave me the idea to make a sweet potato casserole topped with roasted pineapple marshmallows.  OMG, this was a great idea. 

sweet potato casserole

That is the beauty of 240Sweet’s marshmallows.  Unlike the ubiquitous cupcake that you can eat only on its own, the artisan marshmallow can be incorporated into your favorite comfort foods. 

I’m eager to try other flavors from 240Sweet.  They have over 70 flavors that are not just the basics like peppermint and not just the sweet like vanilla, but savory as well like turkey with sage dressing and thai chili.  Want to try some?  They are available from 240Sweet’s site.


4 responses to “Artisan Marshmallows the New Cupcake?

  1. A marshmallow lover since my youth, I am thrilled that they have really come into their own in such a wide variety of flavors, textures, sizes and shapes.

  2. Great post! And 240 are some of the nicest and warmest business owners here in the area. I have never been disappointed with any of those magic puffs! That white Chocolate puff is spot on. Thanks for sharing and giving them such a nice review

  3. OMG now I have to taste one! I love to eat marshmallows alone so I know these will be crazy good.

  4. Hi Dina. Interesting post. I have to say that I’ve never been particularly fond of store-bought marshmallows unless they’ve been skewered and carefully roasted over a flame. I’ve seen a few flavoured marshmallows at a couple of good bakeries but haven’t made the leap yet. Probably should have jumped on those gin and tonic marshmallows! Next time, I guess.

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