Bagna Cauda

I finally made bagna cauda.  I followed Marcella Hazan’s recipe from Saveur.  Instead, I used two tablespoons of butter and two large cloves of garlic and anchovy filets in olive oil from the jar–not rinsed, or boned.  I got the impression from my friend that bagna cauda is very garlicky and to use a lot of garlic.  Marcella’s recipe calls for only two cloves, which was perfect for my taste.  My family makes a pasta sauce with anchovies and this reminded me of it.  We don’t bone the anchovies, as the bones and the anchovies usually dissolve in the sauce.  The bagna cauda was delicious. I ate it with some Italian bread.  Yum!  I would definitely recommend making this on a cold winter night or as an appetizer for a dinner party.


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