Dina’s Best of NYC 2011

 Looking back on my eats this past year, I can say I’ve eaten very well.  I dined at the bucket list restaurant, Per Se.  I tried food I’d never tried before (and never thought I’d try)–sweetbreads.  I had some of the best meals from Groupon deals.  While many things I tried this year were good, some stood out as being particularly flavorful or unique amidst the sea of NYC food.  Out of all this, I had a number of favorite meals and treats.  It’s hard to put them in order to decide what the best thing I ate was, because each thing is so wonderful in its own way, and how do you compare pizza and ice cream?  They each satisfy a craving or mood.  Some dishes surprised me, as things I didn’t think would be delicious but were.  (Most are pictured elsewhere on my blog.)

Here is a list of Dina’s Best of NYC 2011:

1.  Gastroarte’s roots: celery, parsnip, turnip, parsley, sunchoke, kohlrabi, daikon, jicama    

2.  Union Square Cafe’s ricotta gnocchi with tomato-basil passatina, pecorino romano

3.  Van Leeuwen’s currants and cream ice cream

4.  Birdbath Bakery’s coconut cookie

5.  Osteria Morini’s stracci, wide-ribbon pasta with braised wild mushrooms

6.  Osteria Morini’s cappelletti, truffled ricotta ravioli with melted butter and prosciutto

7.  Robicelli’s sea salt and caramel whoopie pie

8.  Robicelli’s frutti di bosco cupcake

9.  Firebird Russian Restaurant’s Armenian lamb with spinach borani and basmati rice

10.  Nobu’s Japanese tiramisu

11.  Euzkadi’s goat cheese and honey croquettes

12.  Euzkadi’s roasted duck meatballs in a sofrito duck demi-glace sauce

13.  Lombardi’s pizza

14.  Per Se’s oysters and pearls

15. Per Se’s foie gras

16.  The Redhead’s country ham appetizer

country ham appetizer


17.  The Meatball Shop’s spicy pork–heritage pork shoulder and hot pickled cherry pepper meatballs with parmesan cream

18.  Salt of the Earth Bakery’s sea salt chocolate chip cookie

19.  Xai Xai’s koeksisters


20.  Villabate Alba’s St. Joseph’s Day sfinge


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