Adam Platt’s Top 101 of 2011 in New York

The latest issue of New York magazine lists Adam Platt’s top 101 restaurants in the city in 2011.  I’ve been to a good chunk of them.  Platt also looks at some restaurants who have moved up or down the list in the past year and why.  Gramercy Tavern moved up, but I thought the food this year wasn’t exceptional.  Balthazar moved down, and I would have to agree with that.  I probably wouldn’t have it on the list.  He also has a section of restaurants that didn’t make the list this year and why.  This was enjoyable reading, as it’s funny but I disagree on some like Pure Food and Wine.  If he can’t review vegetarian cuisine because he doesn’t like it very much, New York magazine should get someone who can.  Not a good reason not to put an EXCELLENT restaurant on the list.  He also has a section of closed restaurants.  Chanterelle tops that list.  Is there a restaurant like Chanterelle anymore in NYC?  I also lament Fiamma.  Restaurants I want to make it to in 2012:  Dovetail, Telepan, Corton, Blue Hill, La Grenouille.  Based on Platt’s review, I want to try Lincoln and Boulud Sud.  Of course, these lists are subjective, and I would say being required to eat at more than 101 restaurants to choose the best 101 may take the specialness out of doing it.


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