What is Citron?

What is citron?  Some of you may know it as that colored stuff in fruitcake.  But what is it?  A discussion with a co-worker led me to ask this question and to find the answer.  I knew that Italians used candied citron in cookies and breads, and I knew it was some sort of citrus fruit, but beyond that, I didn’t know exactly what it was.  Citron is, indeed, a citrus fruit that has a thick skin–a lot of white flesh with very little edible inside.  Citron looks like a very bumpy lemon.  Another variation is Buddha’s hand, which looks like yellow witch’s fingers or chicken feet.  This variation lacks an edible part inside but is candied.  There are other variations that look like yellowish-green gourds.

At DiPalo Selects on Grand Street in Little Italy, New York–featured in the current issue of Edible Manhattan, you can get a candied citron.

Candied citron

 I chopped some for my citron cookies.

Chopped citron


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