Le Parker Meridien Gingerbread Extravaganza

I went to the lobby at Le Parker Meridien to check out the gingerbread house display.  For $1, one can vote on her favorite.  Proceeds go to City Harvest.  The most unusual gingerbread house was the typewriter by Baked Ideas.  It was flawless in execution, I have to say, and probably should win for creativity and flawlessness. 

Just My Type

However, I like the Central Park Boathouse by BLT Steak.  

Central Park Boathouse

A topical one is Occupy North Pole by Tribeca Treats

Occupy North Pole

This one was the most gingerbread-housey of the bunch and had a sense of humor. 

Occupy elves

The Cupcake Cafe‘s Come On to My House (Gretel’s Temptation) was an appropriately macabre gingerbread house. 

Gretel's Temptation

The grandfather clock by Soutine Bakery stood out for its simplicity and fitting message, “Happy Times.”

Happy Times

 The charming Olson Manor is by Gramercy Tavern.

Olson Manor

 I love the little round gingerbread stones for the walkway…too cute!


 Last but not least, the Mini Parker, by the hotel’s restaurant, Norma’s.

Mini Parker


2 responses to “Le Parker Meridien Gingerbread Extravaganza

  1. The typewriter is so awesome; it’s my fav! Occupying the North Pole sounds like a great idea! haha

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