A co-worker of mine pointed out that La Silhouette was a new addition to the Zagat guide for this year.  I checked out the menu and saw a delightful dessert perched atop the list:  popcorn creme brulee with candied honey crisp apples, caramel popcorn, and salty caramel ice cream.  Whoever thought to candy honey crisp apples is a genius.  My favorite apple for its sweetness, even sweeter?   After seeing this on the menu, I had a mission to try it.  Last Monday night was rainy in Manhattan,  but like a postal carrier delivering mail, nothing, including rain, will keep me from a good dessert.

There is a small, sleek bar with comfy red-topped bar stools at the entrance of La Silhouette.  It looks more like a waiting area than a bar, but I asked if it would be all right if my friend and I sat at the bar and ordered dessert.  Instead, c0-owner Tito Rahman (who worked at Le Bernardin along with other owner Sally Chironis) graciously escorted us through the small, cozy front dining area to a table in a bright sunken dining room.  Finding out it was our first time at the restaurant and that we were neighbors, he offered us champagne. 

Popcorn creme brulee

I loved the dessert.  For anyone who loves the salty/sweet combo, this is a perfect representation.  The caramel ice cream is salty, just as they say, and a nice deviation from the sweetness of the caramel popcorn and candied apple.  It was a sweet introduction to what surely awaits at La Silhouette, creative, aesthetically-pleasing and craving-satisfying food. 


2 responses to “La Silhouette’s POPCORN “CRÈME BRÛLÉE”

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