New York Chocolate Show

New York Chocolate Show

I went to the New York Chocolate Show today at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  The four-day exhibition brought together famous chocolatiers, chocolate companies, and businesses with chocolate products from around the world.  The turnout was good because there was a line to get in, even with advance tickets. 

My two faves were there:  Francois Payard and Jacques Torres. 

Jacques Torres French Kiss cookies

Well-known chocolate companies like Guittard and Valrhona had booths.   There were enough chocolatiers to fit different chocolate tastes, from the more traditional types of chocolates like Prestat to the more exotic like Fika.  There were products that use chocolate like Peanut Butter & Co.  Most booths had free tastes of chocolate.  Salt of the Earth Bakery was a popular stop with samples of brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  Their Mayan brownies really brought the heat. 

Mayan brownies

Their  chocolate chip cookie uses Guittard dark chocolate discs and Maldon Sea Salt, which truly do combine to create a perfect blend of salty sweet goodness.

Salt of the Earth Bakery chocolate chip cookie
Chocolate for the Spirit‘s Beauty Bark combines Swiss chocolate and a “warming spice blend” with dried fruit and nuts to create a complex, flavorful bark.  Starting this January, Chocolate for the Spirit will be featured at Le Bernardin, quite a compliment and testament to its quality. 
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion, which I recently discovered and love, had a booth.  (Also love their olive oil lotion.)  Barnes and Noble had a book stand of chocolate and baking-related books.  Chocolate fashion was on display, including a chocolate Playbill skirt.

Playbill skirt

American Heritage Chocolate had a demonstration on 18th century chocolate-making as well as samples of hot chocolate.  Back in those times, sugar was expensive, so the chocolate drink was flavored with spices like anise, salt, red pepper, annatto, nutmeg, vanilla, orange and cinnamon, which are the flavors in their hot chocolate.   

Making chocolate

I love food history, and the hot chocolate had such a nice flavor so I bought the mix to make it at home.

3 responses to “New York Chocolate Show

  1. When I was a teenager, a day at the New York Chocolate Show would have been sheer bliss. I kind of “got over” chocolate after that, but still enjoy it occasionally.

  2. I’m really glad I didn’t know about this…it would have been disastrously amazing.

  3. Those chocolate chip cookies look good! I’ve been craving some for a while now.

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