NYC Food Film Festival

The fifth annual NYC Food Film Festival is this week from October 13-16.  The highlight of the festival is that you can taste what you see in the movie.  Pretty cool.  The Food Porn Party on Saturday, October 15, will have octopus, lobster, turtle burgers (is that really what it sounds like?) and more from Saxon + Parole.  The accompanying films include Saxon + Parole Food Porn, Changua (about a traditional Andean breakfast soup), Dinner for Two–for Fine Cooking, Zergut, Amor Pulpo (a love story about an octopus…hmm), How to Make a Turtle Burger, and Pastryparis.  Some of the other films in the festival include documentaries on DiFara Pizza, Ronnybrook Farms, Robicelli’s Cupcakes, as well as movies featuring food like Amor Pulpo.  A complete list of films and descriptions is here.  The festival benefits the Food Bank of New York City.


One response to “NYC Food Film Festival

  1. As a Californian, I love visiting New York. I wish I could get there more often. There’s always way too much to eat, see, and experience — and not nearly enough time. 😉

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