Per Se

J-Lo and Bradley Cooper are not the only people who dined at Per Se recently. 

Per Se is the restaurant I always wanted to go to.  And now I have.  The service here is excellent, attentive and knowledgeable.  The view of Columbus Circle and Central Park is fabulous.  We had, in my opinion, the perfect table, not right by the window but near the fireplace with a great view.  Luckily, I only had a breakfast bar the day I ate at Per Se, which is the smart thing to do, as there are many surprises here, especially at the end of the meal.  My favorite dish was oysters and pearls.  I also loved the foie gras served with a variety of salts.  This made for fun in trying them.  I loved the salted butter from France, and the variety of bread.  The after dinner and dessert treats were innumerable from fudge and truffles to custards and cookies.  We also ordered wines and had excellent recommendations.  As a gift, Per Se gave us wrapped sandwich cookies to go.  We were offered a tour of the kitchen as well, and that was fun to see.  The kitchen is rather subdued and runs like clockwork.  In all, an enjoyable night with many surprises.  You definitely feel special while dining at Per Se.

Per Se


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