Hurricane Fare

With Hurricane Irene approaching New York City, people have been stocking up on water, batteries and food.  I lived in North Carolina and Florida, so I have been through some hurricanes.  During Hurricane Fran, I remember the wind sounding like a freight train.  I remember being awakened when a tree fell on the power line and then two more on our roof.  Then the water started pouring into the kitchen.  It was indeed scary.  We were left without power for over a week.  I was also in Florida in 2004 for Hurricane Charley and the other three hurricanes that came in succession.    

I did get some groceries yesterday in the mad rush, and I was surprised to see people buying up milk and other perishables like chicken breast.  My experience of hurricanes is power outages and who wants to buy food that will just spoil?  I also think of hurricanes as survival time, so I’m not so concerned with getting multigrain bread though if it’s there in the grocery store, you might as well buy it or it, too, will go to waste.  I got canned tuna and Skippy peanut butter for protein, white bread, Saltines, apples and canned fruit for some fiber, and water.  My little indulgence was some Dove dark chocolate.


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