Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta

I’m a big fan of Steve’s Ice Cream and recently tried a flavor called strawberry ricotta.  I noticed that the ricotta was from Salvatore Bklyn.  I’ve been watching episodes of Food. Curated. and also saw the episode on Salvatore Bklyn.  So I wanted to try some, and after looking on their website, I saw the nearest place to get it was Eataly.  (Ugh, I hate going to Eataly.  See my rant on that.  I still feel the same.  On a Saturday, it is so crowded in there, and as I look at the breads, cheeses, pastas and meats, I think of all the great Italian shops around NYC that have closed or are closing because no one supports them.  Vesuvio should not have closed.  They even made the biscotti [not the cookie but a bread] that you don’t see around anywhere anymore.  OK, you get the idea.)  So I got an 8 oz. container of Salvatore Bklyn ricotta for about $9. 



I bought a loaf of Italian bread at an Italian grocery closer to where I live.  And at home, I ate some ricotta cheese on bread, some with a little honey.  (OK, yes, this was a fattening day for me between Van Leeuwen ice cream and whole milk ricotta.)  I love that Salvatore Bklyn is handmade and uses whole milk, which is how ricotta was always made until recent years.  Salvatore Bklyn’s ricotta is rich, creamy and sweet.  In cooking or with pastas, I’d prefer a less sweet ricotta, but this made a nice afternoon snack with toast and honey. 


Ricotta toast




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