OK…I’m crazy

OK, I agree, I am crazy.  I arrived too early to the Van Leeuwen truck on Bleecker Street, so I had to wait around for an hour and window shop and sit on a stoop and read the latest copy of the Voice.  And of course, as I walk up to the yellow truck, I see that infamous sticky note on top of the words “currants and cream.”  Argh!  I hate those sticky notes!  So after waiting around for an hour…here’s where I get even crazier.  I walked to the truck in Meatpacking.  Guess what?  Same sticky note atop the words “Currants and Cream,” but this time there was fine print:  “Try our new flavor sour cherry and currant.”  Oh, yes!  I love tart flavors, so I was eager to try this flavor.  I love it.  I still favor Currants and Cream, but this was a good second and made my crazy trip worth it.


Sour cherry currant ice cream



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