NYC Restaurant Week: Petrossian

Petrossian is listed in guide books as a French restaurant.  If this classification perplexes you, as the name “Petrossian” does not sound French and there are many types of caviar on the menu, you are not alone.  I wasn’t sure why a French restaurant would be known for caviar, but upon reading its history, I learned that Petrossian is the family name of the restaurant’s Armenian originators, two brothers who introduced caviar to Paris in the 1920s.  Petrossian, still owned by the family, is known for its caviar and its smoked salmon.

In New York, it is located in the French Renaissance-style Alwyn Court Building with an ornately decorated door befitting its elegance.  Petrossian is the kind of restaurant that attracts the sophisticated New York diner. 

The Restaurant Week menu included two specialties, caviar and smoked salmon.  As I am not a big fan of caviar, I tried the smoked salmon.  My friend ordered the Transmontanus USA Farmed Caviar Petrossian’s 12g Presentation (Eggxiting©), which she enjoyed.


 I ordered the Petrossian Smoked Salmon Creme Fraiche, Dill, Toast Points.  This was by far the best smoked salmon I have ever had.  It was lightly smoked, so smooth, and melted in my mouth.

smoked salmon

For our entrees, we ordered Crispy Atlantic  Salmon Carrot Puree, Seasonal Vegetables, Cabernet Sauce
and Skate Grenobloise Sautéed Spinach, Dry Cherries, Red Beets.  I had never had skate before, so I decided to be adventurous.  It has a mild flavor and a more meaty texture than I expected from fish.  The cherries, beets and capers worked well together, although I am not sure I would order skate again.


For dessert, my friend got the housemade sorbets in mandarin orange, raspberry and blackberry.


I got the Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble Vanilla Ice Cream, a classic dessert.



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