Melt Bakery

I had an ice cream sandwich from Melt Bakery today at the Hester Street Fair.  There were three choices available today:  Belle–peach ice cream and brown butter bourbon shortbread, Lovelet–cream cheese ice cream and red velvet whoopie pie, and either the Minimalist or Classic, something with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chip-type cookie.  I confess my eyes went right for the Lovelet.  Surprisingly though, I got the Belle.  I was in the mood for something lighter and more refreshing, as it is a warm day in the city today.   Plus it is Kentucky Derby day and the Belle is a celebration of the South.  I still want to try the Lovelet.  I really like the concept of gourmet ice cream sandwiches with different flavor combinations.  And some of the examples on the Web site sound really good like the Thai Fighter with chocolate chili ice cream and curried coconut cookies.  The Belle was good, but I thought the peach ice cream could be more peachy.  Next time I’d try the Lovelet.



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