“Green” Cookie Showdown

So who has the best green cookie, the East or West Village? 

Our East Village contender is Birdbath Bakery, a green, eco-friendly bakery on 1st Ave. that is part of the City Bakery.  I stopped in for a chocolate chip cookie.  Lucky for me, it was fresh out of the oven and warm.  The cookies here are thinner with crisp edges and chewy middles.  I also got the coconut cookie, a cookie that tastes fabulously fattening.  The first thing I noticed was that the counter was made of used shoeboxes, a unique way to reuse.  Here is a pic of the yummy cookies:

coconut and chocolate chip


Lifethyme Natural Market is on 6th Avenue in the West Village.  The web site says that all the food is made on the premises, so I’m making the assumption they bake their own cookies.  I’ve tried their ginger, lemon sugar, almond and raspberry.  I like them all.  If you like big, fat, soft, chewy cookies, Lifethyme cookies are the bomb.  Here’s a photo of the ginger and almond cookies:

All of the cookies are delish in their own right.  It really depends on my mood, but I’d have to say the winner is Lifethyme’s ginger cookie, followed by Birdbath’s coconut cookie.  Of course, if you love a great chocolate chip cookie, Birdbath’s is near perfection.


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