Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Since I discovered Van Leeuwen ice cream, I’m obsessed.  I started with vanilla and ginger flavors; both were delicious and of very high quality.  Then chocolate.  I always wanted to try currants and cream, but whenever I went, it was always sold out.  Today, I got palm sugar and currants and cream.  The palm sugar was on top, and it was delicious, with a burnt sugar creme brulee taste.  The currants and cream was on the bottom, and yes, they saved the best for last.  If you love ice cream with a real heavy cream flavor, then this is for you.  The currants add a nice tartness (think raspberries and cream).  I could do without so many of them though.  But if you haven’t visited the ice cream truck, definitely make a stop!


One response to “Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

  1. Posts like this one make me miss New York. The ice cream sounds really wonderful and I’d love a scoop or two. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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